Aloha! My name is Doktor

  • Occupation: Professional kitesurfer, photographer and traveler.
  • Year of birth: 2.518 BE.
  • Place of birth: Poland.
  • Education: self made PhD in kitesurfing.

Professional kitesurfer

I got my first kite gear in 2000 and since than I’m totally addicted to the sport. My life is just about kitesurfing as it’s my job and my passion. I spend whole year on the beach and all my activities are connected with wind, sun, waves and water. 


I’m a lucky person! I do what I love and there are some great comapnies that support my passion and activities. 

  1. BLADE Kiteboarding – since 2015 I’m riding with their kites as it suits my style of riding perfectly,
  2. LIEUWE Kiteboards (Polska) – in 2019 I became a team rider for one of the most prestigious kite boards manufacturer in the world,
  3. SeventyOne Percent – starting with 2018 I’m a distributor of organic sunscreens and cosmetics dedicated for watermen,
  4. O’Neil Wetsuits (Polska) – their wetsuits are so amazing that it’s just hard to find a better option ,
  5. DaKine (Polska) – is a producer of harnesses that I use since almost very first days of my adventure with watersports.

Before buying any equipment I recomend you to read my article: “What to consider when choosing kitesurfing brand”.

kite coach is giving a kitesurfing lesson in Paje Zanzibar

I still actively work as a kite coach as I believe that sharing this passion can change other people’s life just as it has changed mine. I’m providing individual, VIP quality kitesurfing courses and organize Progress Camps. You can book me for your private kite trip, take part in kite trips I do co-organize or hire me on Hel during summer time (May-Sep). Click here to contact me.

In 2014 I have established Surfers Aid Rampant Foundation.The aim of our charity is to help handicapped, heavily ill and socially challenged people trough water sports activities. It is the most exciting and power pumping THING that I did in my life!

Professional photographer

In 2010 I started  rapidly develop my photographic skills and very fast achieved first successes. During that time I was passing trough different stages and was trying almost all kinds and types of photography (see examples below).

Nowadays I’m shooting mainly water sports, portraits and traveling photography. If you do watersports and have no decent pictures just text me and hire the Doktor!