Aloha my dear boardsports fanatics!

Thank you for dropping in. Now If you’re here let me introduce you with the idea and general order of this blog.

My main goal is to provide you the broadest and best quality info about kitesurfing spots around the world (slowly I’ll be adding surf spots and wake parks as well). For this purpose I’ve created Spot Advisor an interactive map with detailed spots description.

Beside this you will find here wide range of articles about kitesurfing and traveling as well as the photo gallery. When I travel I work as a kite coach and photographer. So all the content here is the natural consequence of my work and passion. 

set of pictures showing surfer making top turn on a wave kitesurfer jumping upside down and wakeboarder doing rally

What’s inside

Dudes and dudettes.

In the main Menu you have 3 most important sections that you should get acknowledge with:

1) Spot Advisor – is constantly growing map with the spots worldwide. Just go to the country or area of your interests and click the mark to get the spot description. I’m sure you will fall in love with it!

2) Services – if you’re looking for the highest quality kite course, want to go for vicious kitesurfing holidays, searching for some equipment or would like to get a decent photo session – I’m ready to get hired!

3) Blog – contains a wide range of articles:

  • Kitesurfing for Beginners  if you are at the beginning of your kite adventure than this is the place with articles that will help you get more familiar with kiting. I know that after first few lessons the quantity of knowledge is overwhelming. It’s also helpful to refresh your memory if you had a longer break between lessons.
  • About Kitesurfing aka vicious side of ToB. There’s plenty of bullshit and misleading articles about kiting. If you’re considering to buy a kite course and searching for some unbiased information to find out: how much time it really takes to learn kiting? is kitesurfing a sport for me? which locations are safe to learn? how much it really costs to learn? etc. – than in this section you’ll find the ruthless answers to your questions – read it – it may save your money and disappointments.
  • Photo Gallery – during my kite trips I often visit exotic and very local places. Photo Gallery is the site where you can enjoy superb quality photo shoots from land and water.
  • Travellingregardless of the aim of your travel – there’s always lot of information you want to be familiar with before the trip. In this section I’ll write more general articles to help you prepared for it. Visas requirements, best ways to plan the journey or basic costs of living –  this kind of knowledge will land in here.

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I’ll tell you the Truth. I love kitesurfing and can’t imagine to do anything else. But it’s hard to sustain a ‘normal living’ this way. So the aim of this blog is also to be a source of additional income (at least this is what I hope for).

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