Boardsports market became a big industry. Hundreds of options and loads of brands leaves customers confused. How to make the best choice?

Increasing sales and big revenues are changing boardsports from once alternative, hippy and kind of punk to fast changing and ruled by marketing budgets vampires. It is easy to get lost in plenty of brands, models, generations and shapes of gear that are in offer. Hopefully for customers in recent years offered by most brands products works very well and you shouldn’t make a big mistake despite the brand you chose.

What than should we follow when choosing our equipment? Here is my list of factors that you might consider:

  • big brands vs small brands –

– the market’s so big now that some brands became a global corporations hiring pro executives that often do not practice bordsports themselves. Usually their marketing budget is bigger than R&D. Same time there’s plenty of brands run by surf people. Their staff is riding as much as they can and they pampers their products. They will be doing this regardless of short term fashions. Choose smaller but original one.

  • ‘fast market’ vs ‘slow market’ approach – 

– designing a new kite and profound testing of each and every size does really take a lot of time. There’s no way to make it in one year. Bear this in mind when you see advertisements saying that this year equipment is so much better than the one from last year. There are few brands that launch new generations when an important change took place in the equipment design. This approach is for sure giving much more time to prepare a kite that is a step forward in its quality and performance.

  • local distributors/shops vs special offers from unknown sources –

– it is natural that we are looking for a way to spare our money but remember that no one else as your local surf dudes will give you good after sales service, will take care about the spot, will support local riders and will push the sport to new levels. Boardsports are about people! Go speak with them, know them better and if you feel you share same values than this is the way to make a choice.

  • choosing ‘the best’ on the market vs the one that suits your needs –

– if you will ever see an add or meet someone who’s saying that his equipment is the best on the market – don’t waste your time – turn around and never come back! If there is anything on this planet that one can call ‘the best’ than it might be your mother. Period. Every person and every rider is different. There’s no way to make something that suits all people needs. Go for a test ride. If you can’t test it than ask your friends, speak with other users or people that have big experience and are trustful. Than use the factors I describe above to make a choice that supports the sport.

If you still have some doubts I’m providing gear consulting service. With 18 years of experience I’ll do my best to help you make the choice that will suit your needs and reassure good progress. Contact me if you need any assistance. 

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