Dates: SEPTEMBER, OCTOBER (all details in the carts below)

Dudes and dudettes!
All signs on the sky are telling us we’re back on track!

Egyptian Kite Safari has a solid reputation of the legendary kitesurfing trip. To be honest, it’s really difficult to experience such amazing kite trip at that price level and all this just a few hours of flight from Europe.
Up to this it’s definitely one of the safest trips in terms of corona virus exposure. For the whole time we stay in a small and closed group. Kite Safari is an absolute must have for every kitesurfer.




ATTENTION! As the actual rules and situation are unstable below shown information are subject to change.

2 events in SEPTEMBER : 10/09 – 17/09 & 17/09 – 24/09

1 event in OCTOBER : 01/10 – 08/10



The peak of wind season in Egypt lasts from June till the end of September. However, on the islands located at the open sea the wind is always a bit stronger so the statistics there are also good in May and October. Don’t forget that as the priests in the temple of kitesurfing, we are always at the mercy of the gods of the wind and our every trip is a bull’s eye! When it comes to wind strength in Egypt – you can expect everything: from 10 to 35 knots. Therefore we recommend taking all possible kite sizes. During our stay on the islands we will kite in lagoons with the off shore wind. The wind is stable and very pleasant. At the hotel’s spot we have wind from the side, side on shore.

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Temperatures differ a bit depending on the date. In September it is still hot. No need for a wetsuit. In October temperatures starts to drop slightly. It’s always individual but in the middle of the day it is still quite hot and most people will feel comfy just in shorts/bikini. But taking some thin wetsuit (2-3mm) is recommended. The best ones are with long sleeves and short legs.
Anytime you travel to Egypt don’t forget to take high filter sunscreen. The best are zinc based that are very waterproof and safe for you and environment. We provide high quality cosmetics designed for surfers in our online SHOP.



kite safari tawila wyjazdy egipt

Tawila is the favorite spot during Safarinio. Unfortunately, due to the relatively short distance from the very popular El Gouna it is becoming more and more crowded. Tawila has almost everything from a paradise like beach. Water colors are like a rainbow made of shades of blue, starting from almost fluorescent turquoise to deep navy blue. At Tawila we ride in a shallow lagoon (waist deep water) with the off shore wind. Wind direction is not a problem and you can feel fully safe as there are always two rescue motor boats in the reserve. Advantage of this wind direction is that on the leeward side the water is very flat! The bottom of the lagoon is relatively sandy, but we recommend to bring neoprene shoes (sharp shells might happen).

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kite safari geisum wyspa egipt

Geisum w stosunku do Tawili jest położone jeszcze bardziej na północ. Wiatr jest tu z reguły nieco silniejszy niż na Tawili. Sam spot podobnie jak poprzedni to rozległa laguna z wodą do pasa i urzekającymi kolorami wody. Ciekawostką, dodającą industrialnego klimatu pływaniu są znajdujące się w okolicy szyby naftowe. Także tutaj pływa się na off shore, dzięki czemu woda w lagunie pozostaje płaska nawet przy mocnym wietrze.


abu minqar kite safari egipt wyjazdy wyspy

Abu Munqar to spot położony blisko Hurghady co odbiera mu co nieco z uroku i tajemnicy morskiej przygody. Jednak samo miejsce jest rewelacyjne. Mamy tu w sumie dwie laguny z ogromną przestrzenią do pływania. Dodatkową zaletą tego miejsca jest to, że zazwyczaj jest tutaj niewiele łodzi i często cały ten spot mamy tylko dla siebie. Osoby pływające działają głównie po stronie zawietrznej długiej łachy piachu rozdzielającej laguny. Strona nawietrzna to miejsce świetne do prowadzenia szkoleń czy osób mających jeszcze trudności z ostrzeniem.



From the day first we gonna host you on the boat.
Accommodation on the boat is one of the key experiences of Kite Safari. We are leaving the land and city stress to anchor at the islands of ease and active rest.

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Upcoming days are filled with kitesurfing and good food. Than at the evenings we all meet at the chilling deck to talk, relax and sip some cold juice.
For our comfort and daily logistic we bring 2 Zodiac rescue boats. The sea we travel on is rather not to harsh but if you’re not used to boat swinging we recommend to take some motion sickness pills. During the boat stops we anchor at the flat lagoons ensuring full comfort of stay.


Our Kite Safari always starts and ends on Thursday. General The general plan is as follow:
(ATTENTION! As the actual rules and situation are unstable below shown information are subject to change)

  1. Flight to Hurghada. As most of our customers are from Poland time schedule is based on flight from/to Warsaw. Coming at different time need to be agreed prior agreement.
  2. Transfer of the main group from airport to the harbor. If you come at different time we can assist you at organizing transfer.
  3. First night we spend on the boat at the harbor. 
  4. Next day at dawn the boat leave the harbor and our adventure begins!
  5. Depending the current weather conditions we make decision about our next destination.
  6. On 7th day late afternoon we come back to Hurghada’s harbor.
  7. Time to say goodbye! we drive you back to the airport.

* most other kite safaris are 6 days only! consider this when comparing offers!



The advantage of Kite Safari is virtually zero contacts with larger groups of unfamiliar people. Immediately upon arrival, we pick you up from the airport and transfer directly to the boat. We spend the entire trip in a small group (max 20 people) who met the virological safety requirements before boarding the plane. After the event with private bus we transfer you back to the airport.
Before and after each event, the boat’s crew have the temperature tested and complete a health declaration. Between the events the crew stays on the boat or leave it only in urgent situations. Cabins and common areas are disinfected after each stay. At any time, disinfectants are available on the boat that we can use on a regular basis. One cabin will remain free – intended as an isolation room in the event of disease symptoms. And bear in mind that the virus does not like the sun and wind, to which our boat is exposed all the time 🙂


At present moment, visas to Egypt for EU citizens have been temporarily suspended 😀 We save $ 25!

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Those fragile to boat swinging we do recommend taking pills for the time of boat travel. After anchoring on the spots we stay in calm waters with full comfort for anyone


No special vaccinations are required when traveling to Egypt. However, a standard vaccination package such as hepatitis (A and B), typhoid fever, tetanus, diphtheria and rabies is recommended.


The currency in Egypt is the Egyptian Pound. In Hurghada we can easily find an ATM, but on the boat we only use cash (pounds / dollars / euros). When bringing dollars to Egypt, please remember to check that these are the newest  banknotes, preferably 100 USD notes (for lower denominations one will get a worse exchange rate)..


Despite the fact that some countries warns against traveling to Egypt, the statistics say one thing – Hurghada and El Gouna are places where dangerous situations involving tourists practically do not happen. After all – there are no pirates on the Red Sea 🙂 When on the boat, however, you must follow the safety rules that we discuss before the cruise. It is forbidden, among others alcohol consumption.


Sockets in Egypt are identical to European ones, so no adapters are needed unless you’re from UK 🙂


While on the boat we can often be out of signal reach. For organizational reasons (as well as for people who need Internet access) we recommend buying a Vodafone SIM card directly at the airport after landing (later it is very troublesome).


In most cases bottom in the lagoons is covered with soft sand. However, in Red Sea are common shells with long and hard spikes. Therefore, if you’re still beginner or will take part in kitesurfing course we highly recommend taking neoprene boots with you.


Each of our customers says the same thing: Kite Safari is the best kite trip ever!

It’s hard to experience kitesurfing in a better way than on a kite safari. We have almost everything needed for a perfect kite holidays.
Wonderful, shallow lagoons with turquoise water. Lots of riding, great chilling in perfect company, sea adventure, beautiful nature and last but not least: delicious cuisine. Up to this we have the best price on the market.

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No one can beat our price!
For a full 7 days of Safari you will pay 795 euros

Included in price:

  • all necessary transfers,
  • 7 nights on the boat in Full Board option (3 meals a day + soft drinks),
  • 2 rescue boats to help and support,
  • beautiful photo documentation from the trip,
  • great organization and attention to details – check our customers testimonials below!


Not included in price:

  • flight to and from Hurghada,
  • cost of transporting your private sports luggage,
  • opłaty wizowej (25usd),
  • tips for the boat crew,
  • optional kite courses and camps.


That was an unforgettable trip with a great team. Everything was refined to the smallest detail. Transfers, spots, rescue, training, food. In a week, from very scratch I mastered to kite! Time spent perfectly. I’ll be coming back. I would recommend without smallest doubt.


Although I did not have the opportunity to participate in the trip, I still have a solid basis for recommending Travel on Board, and especially the flawless approach of Doktor, who treats the subject with great passion and commitment – I recommend everyone to see what I am talking about! 🙂


Amazing trip that will never be forgotten. Perfect conditions and everything prepared in small details … great food !! It certainly wasn’t my last trip with the Doktor. Recommend ☺️


 Hi. I’m just fresh out of the Progress Camp with the Doktor. What can i say Some key professional tips and a man makes his first quite high jumps! Really worth it. The whole trip is a completely different story. So many positive factors have played together. There was wind, great food, great team, great atmosphere, solid training, dolphins, pelican, squid fishing … In addition, safe, culturally and tastyl. So keep it up guys!


Superb trip !!! I highly recommend. Great spots, custom wind and delicious food !!! Doctor-🔝🔝🔝!


Great time🏝🛥 relaxation without luxuries nor pressure, great team, successes at Progress Camp, Old School boat, ubiquitous turquoise, smiling Captain, open to our ideas Chef, yoga room with a view for the stars … ..Thanks to Lucas 😘😘


Sick trip! Great atmosphere, great team, boat and food 1st class! We will repeat it next season!


I do recommend safari and the Doktor for an instructor. In a week I was able to master kitesurfing to have a lot of fun 🙂 The spots were superb – no hazards what made learning was a pleasure without worrying about whether someone would run into. Super trip, I look forward to a repeat in the future !!


I recommend Safarinio from Travel on Board, a nice option, combining kitesafari with stay at the hotel. Great value for money👍. A pleasant and helpful crew on the boat and a brilliant chef. Good atmosphere, cery chilled out ☮💜🤙


I recommend Travel on Board trips and the Doktor as an instructor and expert on the history of kitesurfing 🙂 Safarinio is a great option for a kite trip!


I took part in Safarinio and in short I can say just this, it was  soooooooo cool! 🙂 I do recommend!


A trip to Vietnam organized by Doktor was bull’s eye! Super organization, pleasant and friendly atmosphere, very professional and tic tik like a Swiss watch! You will feel at home here :). In addition, Doktor has an impressive knowledge of kitesurfing and will immediately capture and correct your mistakes or shortcomings. I do recommend !!


I was in Vietnam last year and can just confirm it’s great!!! Awesome place! Riding 9/10 wind 10/10 (blew every day 20-25 knt), we rented scooters and made on it about 600km trough local villages and towns! Fab food! The trip was organized by a DOKTOR! Everything buttoned up! I would recommend.


In good conscience I recommend Doktor, who took care of every little detail of our trip to Vietnam, Maternal protection is the right word, I do recommend, Goral


Trip fastened with the last button!! High attention to every detail and above constant contact with the organizer. Trip 101% organized and successful‼ ️
I highly recommend‼ ️


I highly recommend Travel on Board! Professional organization and flexibility for clients who often change their mind 😉



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