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ONE reason to go for Kite Safarinio

Aloha fellow kitesurfers!

Few days ago we came back from probably the best kite trip ever –  Kite Safarinio. It took place in sunny Egypt and is a mix of stay on the boat and in hotel. The conditions were nothing but excellent and we can’t wait to come back there and do it again. The very one and only reason is that:

Kite Safarinio is one of the very best kitesurfing experiences one can imagine.

It’s just a f@#n shiznit!

But why it’s so good?

Cause everything is just as from a perfect kite dream!

  • First of all – as long as you live in Europe getting to Egypt is fast and  cheap. The flight to Hurghada airport takes aproximatley 4-5 hours. For some Poles we know it’s faster than getting from Cracow to Hel Peninsula. 
  • From June till September Egypt has very good wind statistics. According to the Map with the windiest kite destinations there is a chance of having 80-100% of wind above 12 knots. We can just confirme that as during the first Safarinio we had every day at least few hours of riding.
  • It’s warm, sunny and absolutely beautiful. So you can ride in your shorts or favourite bikini. But the most spectaculare are the colors of water. Probably you haven’t seen so many shades of blue. Strarting from mesmerizing turquise on the shallows up to deep navy blue. And it’s so transparent one can’t judge the depth. 
  • You are right on the spot with flat and shallow water. The hotel we stay at is located just right on the spot so there’s no hassles or additional costs to get on the spot. During the stay on the boat you just wake up in the middle of the Red Sea moored next to the island.
  • The food is delicious and nutritious. Organizers are putting lot of attention to the food quality on the boat. The cook  is chosen carefully and every day we had great and various meals. A bit unexpectedly the food in the hotel was also very good and above egyptian standards.
  • Staying on a boat is an adventure in itself. For many people it’s a new experience and we belive life is to try new things and be adventurous. It’s also safe for the one having sea sicknes as sailing periods are short and water not that wavy.
  • Get close to the wildlife. While staying on the boat or riding on the island’s spots you can encounter dolphins, turtles, mantas and many other species. Take a deep breath and dive into the sea to find what’s hidden inside the Red Sea.

What’s the difference between regular kite safari and Kite Safarinio?

Price is not the only reason.

The experience is so good every kitesurfer should have a chance to do it.

The basic difference is that on kite safari you stay all the time on the boat while on Safarinio you’re 4 days on the boat and 3 days in hotel. Some poeple might like it better some not. We think that for most the idea of Safarinio can be very attractive. Here are some reasons why.

  • PRICE – the price for Safarinio is 699 eur. This is about 40 to 50% cheaper than kite safari on a luxurious boat. This level of pricing opens the possibility to take part in this awesome kite trip for so many more of us! Even more – instead of going once for kite safari you can take part in Safarinio twice for about the same costs.
  • SAFARINIO LASTS 7 DAYS – while regular safari is 6 days. So the cost per day of Safarinio is equal to 99 eur while for a full safari one have to pay 200 up to 250 per day!
  • MORE PRIVACY – staying on the boat whole your holidays may become at some point a bit tiring. The only place to hide is your cabin. Safarinio starts in the hotel with more comfortable rooms, pools, beach and bars you have the access to.
  • MORE OPTIONS – when there’s no wind the boat offers limited number of activities and can fast change into the ‘prison’. 3 days in hotel is just a perfect period to go for a party to El Gouna, hit the wakepark or do some shopping in Hurghada. 
  • SMALLER GROUPS – maximum capacity of the boat on Safarinio is 15 person. Smaller is here better as you have more space on the spot and intimate atmosphere. We do not want to generalize but very expensive trips may attracts snobs and individuals that knows everything better… staying on a boat with them might destroy your whole trip. 

One picture says more than thousend words. Below is a link to the gallery with high quality pictures from first Kite Safarinio. Enjoy!

Egypt Kite Safarinio 2019 #1

NEXT SAFARINIO ALREADY IN JULY! For full info click the article below


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