I strongly believe that we, (kite)surfers are the ones of the most responsible for influencing the change in the closest to us surrounding – our blue planet.

This winter I’m traveling trough south-east Asia. Fist stop was the Thailand and than I moved further to Vietnam. Both countries are on the top of the list of the biggest plastic polluters on the planet. Being here is a drastic experience. Every product sold in Thailand comes with at least one plastic bag. Getting a coffee means you get the plastic cup in plastic bag with plastic straw. And it all ends in the heart of our blue planet.


At the kite spot in the Chalong Bay (Phuket island) we had to clean the beach from the garbage after every high tide. In Mui Ne (Vietnam) even though the beach is cleaned every day it many times looks like the mix of sand and all kind of small trashes. During the motorbike trip further to the north we’ve been passing trough the places with no tourists nor traffic. While riding we could see inhabited beaches fully covered with garbage. Small bays with floating plastic that looked like huge school of jellyfishes.

I believe that We the (kite)surfer have to be at the forehead of the change. We are the one that are depending and strongly connected with our blue planet.

Big part of our community is well educated, speaks few languages, meet and get close with local people, have easy access to social medias. We have all the tools and access to the information. So let’s our children and next generations have the opportunity to experience what we have experienced in our childhood – clear, pure and unpolluted nature.

We have to get involved. We have to become leaders in the change to rescue our blue planet.

And let’s understand one thing – cleaning the beach is not a solution. It of course helps to make it looks better and be a safer place but collected trashes most often will be dumped into the ocean again! 

What YOU have to do is:

1) change the mind of the locals – ask yourself how often (or does ever) you speak with your local friends about this issue?

2) move your ass and get involved! There’s planty of initiatives that take care about the future of our blue planet. Please Like those pages right away and think what you can do  (I know you! I know you have time for it)! Clean Up Vietnam, I Ban Plastic , watch Our Blue Planet. Share the knowledge, support the change and take part in local initiative. I believe that some of you are strong enough to start their own projects in this field.

I’ll be sharing on this ToB channel any information that may help you become a change. Please like that post and share it with your friends because:

– inaction is a permission for the pollution –


Share! below is the button just push and start the change.

One thought to “Our Blue Planet”

  1. Przerażająca jest ilość plastiku otaczającego nas ze wszystkich stron i co gorsza brak świadomości przez większą część społeczeństwa że istnieje problem. Ostatnio był poruszany temat plastikowych wysp na oceanie, oglądałem też filmik z plastikowymi wyspami na Malediwach. Straszne to jest

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