One of the best experience from my stay in Vietnam was a motorbike trip we did with the ‘polish ghetto’ crew from Mui Ne to Phan Rang.  I didn’t expect Vietnam to be so diverse and beautiful and the trip to be one of those moments that stays with you forever.

All pictures taken by Doktor

From Mui Ne to Phan Rang. Gallery from the amazing motorbike trip. February 2018.

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Part I – the road from Mui Ne to Phan Rang

couple walking in unbelievable red canyon Mui Ne Vietnam

portrait of two Vietnamese women selling grapes from the basket

portrait of Piotr during a break in the motorbike trip from Mui Ne to Phan Rang

Karaś is refueling his old rasta bike during the motorbike trip from Mui Ne to Phan Rang

picturesque view at the waters of south east china sea in vietnam somewhere between Mui Ne and Phan Rang

portrait of a vietnamese smiling lady working in the kitchen at some bar close to the highway connecting Mui Ne with Nha Trang

picture of the moder vietnam connecting new technologies with traditional food and way of eating

funny picture of a guy mistakenly entering women toilet in vietnam how to differentiate nan from nu

After arrival we went searching for some food and ended up in a restaurant packed with teachers from local school. Very friendly and talkative. It always great to eat and talk with locals.

portrait of two vietnamese teachers eating and drinking tiger bear in Phan Rang

It seems that it was onions season. These women were working very hard even at night. Some of us went help them a bit.

portrait of vietnamese women collecting fresh onion on the field in phan rang, vietnam

One day before the wind came we went further north up to the waterfall hidden in the jungle. The road was leading trough hills, valleys and small cities located at the shore of South East Chinese Sea. Watch these spectacular colors and shapes we were meeting on our way. 

guy is jumping from the rock in the waterfall hidden in the jungle of vietnam

vietnam and its beautiful views

beautiful view at the islands and fishermen village at the south east chinese sea in vietnam

small fishermen village in vietnam packed with blue boats and forest of palms at the beach

Ordering food outside touristic places might be quite challenging. But the food is good and prices low. You can always try to experiment a bit! 😀

menu written in vietnamese

portrait of a sitting vietnamese women in mask and traditional hat washing the dishes

portrait of a vietnamese man preparing barbecue

vietnamese food and saigon beer. chicken with pasta and vegetables. Me xao ga. table is wooden

Coffee is very popular in Vietnam. Most often it’s served with sweet milk and ice – cafe su da. They have a special way to prepare it. You get an alu jar with small holes at the bottom. You put the coffee inside and than push it with kind of a cap that fits inside the jar and than pour hot water on it. The water drops slowly so it takes few minutes to prepare it. This way you get kind of Vietnamese espresso.

special alu cup for making vietnamese coffee. Cafe su nam. cafe su da.

There are countless unknown beaches with great conditions for kiting and surfing in Vietnam. Happily there are still some unspoiled by the human places on this planet.

view at the unknown beach somewhere in vietname with long lines of beautiful waves great for surfing

Adam is living in Vietnam since about 10 years now. Great person and a truly water sports addict.

On the way back to Mui Ne we have made few stops to admire beaty of Vietnamese nature.

huge rock creating interesting formation

The dunes close to Mui Ne are super beautiful. Unfortunately heavily polluted with tourists. Plenty of people and noise of all kind of vehicles that can run on sand are destroying experience of this amazing place.

sea greenary and sand dunes forming super interesting frame with colors and patterns

man standing on top of dune close to mui ne vietnam the wind is blowing very hard

view at the sand dunes close to mui ne vietnam very polluted with tourists

sand dunes in mui ne vietnam

Thank you guys for this amazing time we spend together!

From Mui Ne to Phan Rang. Gallery from the amazing motorbike trip.

From Mui Ne to Phan Rang. Gallery from the amazing motorbike trip.

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From Mui Ne to Phan Rang. Gallery from the amazing motorbike trip.