Welcome to Spot Advisor

Spot Advisor is a constantly growing map with the kite spots worldwide (scroll down for it).

Most often when you google information about some foreign kitesurfing destination in results you will get just pages of local schools or other businesses. This way most often you will found out how perfect this spot is. Sometimes it might be the true but… quite often it’s not. The aim of the ToB is to deliver you unbiased and most trustful reviews for the kite and surf spots that the authors profoundly checked themselves.

Just select the country or the area of your interests and click the mark on the map. Every spot has a general rating and as much information as you may imagine. Precise location, seasonality, wind directions, wind speed and its quality, water depth, water surface quality, tides, dangers… and even such thing as the picturesque of surroundings.

Because my resources and lifespan’s limited I won’t be able to visit all the spots around the world therefore It would be amazing if some of you would join me in this effort and add description of the spots you have explored. Please contact me to discuss this matter.

As the blog just started (Feb 2018) only few spots have description at the moment (EgyptPoland,Vietnam). So please don’t forget to subscribe and get all the latest articles.