The most popular spot in Mui Ne is The Beach but this area has another one location that must not be omitted – the wave spot: Malibu.

Some says that Malibu is much better than The Beach. Read the review and get your own opinion because as always – it’s the matter of taste.

ToB Overall Spot Rating (1-10): 5.1

Chapter One: location.

  • GENERAL LOCATION: Malibu is more like a sub-spot for the most recognize Mui Ne’s: The Beach so the general location is similar. Most tourists arrives to Mui Ne from Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) which is about 220 km to the west. Recently direct buses from the airport to Mui Ne has been opened. If you look for cheaper options: there’s a public bus from the airport to Pham Ngu Lao street but it may be a bit of a hassles if you come with the equipment. Other than that – take a taxi to Pham Ngu Lao and there you have few corporations with buses operating between Saigon and Mui Ne. Read HERE about all the transportation options.

  • PRECISE LOCATION: Malibu is a popular kitesurfing wave spot close to Mui Ne in Vietnam. Most often you will stay in Mui Ne and drive to Malibu which is about 10 km east from The Beach. If you take a taxi just ask to get you to Malibu beach. If you go by the scooter/motorbike than you can go by the highway which is faster but sometimes police check the traffic plus you get a solid wind. That’s why I suggest to take the one and only road that goes trough whole Mui Ne. Ask your navi for details.

Chapter Two: wind.

  • WIND EXPOSURE RATING (1-10): 9.5 – between December and March the wind probability is close to 100% (days with wind above 10-12 knots). The wind in Malibu might be a bit stronger than on The Beach spot that’s why if you see some lighter forecast for Mui Ne check the situation in Malibu.
  • WIND SEASON: the season starts with November and ends in April but first and last months have lower wind exposure (which still might be very decent).


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  • WIND DIRECTION: predominant wind direction for the spot is East with a bit of North what makes it almost on shore. The wind is usually changing during the day. It’s more from the south east at the beginning of the day and than changing to more north east. Unfortunately during last years size of the beach has been decreased heavily. Be careful especially during the high tide as with on shore wind and obstacles on the beach it might be dangerous if you’re not a confident rider.
  • WIND QUALITY RATING (1-10): 7 – the wind in Malibu is better than in Mui Ne. Mainly it’s because there are no obstacles on its way. Despite this don’t think it’s like from a hairdryier.
  • KITE SIZES: situation is quite comparable to the one on The Beach. The size that I use most often is 9m (75kg weight on a TT board). As this spot has a decent waves if you come with a surf board take smaller sizes.
  • FORECAST RELIABILITY:: forecasts works quite well for the Malibu spot. Please have a look at the clouds coverage as it destroy thermal effect. If there’s no clouds one can expect a bit stronger conditions as forecasted (plus 2-3 knots).

Malibu is a popular kitesurfing wave spot close to Mui Ne in Vietnam

Chapter Three: water.

  • FREESTYLE RATING (1-10):  to be honest I have some issues when trying to judge this factor for Malibu and the reason is – this is a great spot for freestyle but as long as you’re an advanced rider. The shorebreak in Malibu (especially during the low tide, low swell) creates super nice flat water areas between the waves. But the problem is – it is close to the beach and with almost on shore wind. Because most people are rather not very advanced I gave here 6 points only. If you’re advanced rider and will choose conditions wisely (lower tide, smaller swell) than for you it might get close to 8.
  • WAVES RATING (1-10): 6 – Malibu kite spot is often described as Mui Ne Wave Spot and yes! the waves here often are really big and strong. It’s nothing unusual to have here 1,5-2m on a regular basis. But is it a perfect wave spot? Definitely it has few issues: 1) period is low and if you’ll crash than there’s no much time to get your shit together, 2) almost on shore wind is tricky because it’s not easy to escape when the ‘thing’ starts to break just behind you 3) fishermen nets are hard to spot in that devil’s nest and in some areas there’s plenty of them. Make sure you have the line knife in your harness before you go.

  • HYDROFOIL RATING (1-10): – Malibu with its shorebreak and quite big waves coming one after another definitely isn’t a spot for hydrofoiling.
  • DEPTH OF WATER: the water is deep – there’s some shallow water at first 30-50m from the shore but is it really shallow depends on the tide and waves. It may be chest deep and than the 1m wave comes, covers you and push with the current yyyyhaaa!
  • TIDES: smallAs I have been in Malibu just few times this information isn’t 100% sure but it’s based on overall situation on Mui Ne Beach spot.

 Chapter Four: others.

  • WETSUITS: in the main season no wetsuits needed. There are some days with a bit colder wind so if you are thermophilic than take some rush guard or thin wetsuit. (Take 2/3 if you will work as an instructor!).
  • DANGERS AND ANNOYANCES: as described in few points above Malibu is an advanced spot so if you don’t feel really confident than look for days with lighter conditions (small swell, low tide, lighter wind). Otherwise you put yourself and your equipment in danger. Every time I’ve been there I’ve seen people releasing fully and kites tumbled by the waves toward the shore. Be also careful with nets as it’s hard to see them between the waves. The biggest annoyance is a dirty beach (see the picture below). Currents push a lot of pollution and the beach is cleaned just in few areas. 
  • KITE COURSES SUITABILITY RATING (1-10): 1 – this place absolutely is not a spot for taking lessons. I really can’t imagine practicing waterstarts there. As said Malibu is an advanced spot and thus not suitable for learning.
  • KITE SCHOOLS: there are few kite schools on the Malibu … at least there’s someone to help retrieve the kites when fully released 🙂
  • WIFI ACCESSIBILITYcan’t say much about it. I’ve always been there to kite and back to Mui Ne just after.
  • PICTURESQUE: Malbu is rather nothing special and for sure something that destroy its value are garbage.

Malibe beach kite spot in Mui Ne Vietnam covered with plastic polution

  • SURF VIBE RATING: 1 – there’s nothing going on in Malibu area at the evenings and nights. That’s why if you want to go to a surf bar, meet some kite dudes and duddetes than the best is to stay in Mui Ne Beach and to Malibu goes only for kiting. In the other hand if someone is looking for easy, relaxed atmosphere and no people than this is better place.
  • ACCOMMODATIONI can’t tell much as I was staying in Mui Ne Beach area. But there are for sure all sort of accommodations just google it.
  • COSTS OF LIVING: Vietnam is super cheap. If you look for budget destination do not look further. More details will come in a separate article.
  • NO WIND ACTIVITIES: no wind?? hahah rather don’t expect having no wind days but if it will happen than just relax. Tour agents offers lot of trips. You may go watching the sunset from the dunes that are just few km from Malibu.

Chapter Five: pictures.

If you would like to see more kite pictures – please visit our high quality gallery. If you’re looking for the pictures from Mui Ne – one of the best kitesurfing destinations in Asia than check here: Surfpoint Kite School, Big Air Competition and Kitesurfing Mui Ne.

Chapter Six: movie.

I found this movie on the Youtube. It’s shows the spot quite well.

If you still here I guess you liked Mui Ne – one of the best kitesurfing destinations in Asia.

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